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Hillary Clinton addresses future of former Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

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During Hillary Clinton's visit in McCracken County on Monday, she brought up the economy and how she wants to improve it. That led to a discussion with the vice president of a local steelworkers union about the future of the former Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

Jim Key said the conversation he had with Hillary Clinton gave him hope for the future of the site of the former Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant and the workers it employs.

"Shipping in coal and putting coal miners back to work in Kentucky, West Virginia and Southern Illinois," Key said. 

That's an idea Key shared with Clinton on Monday. As Vice President of Paducah's Local 550 Steelworkers union, he represents hourly workers on the Department of Energy site. Key told Clinton about his hope to bring energy-related projects to the plant, including one that involves the liquidation and gasification of coal to keep coal workers employed.

"It's a method whereby coal can continue to be used and be non-harmful to our environment," Key said.

To his surprise, he says, Clinton — who critics describe as anti-coal — told him she had $30 billion for future energy-related projects like that in the budget she's drawn up. 

"It surprised me that she conversed with me," Key said.

He says at this point he is still not sure if Clinton will get his vote.

Bill Clinton's name also came up a lot during the visit. Hillary Clinton says her husband would have a role in the White House with a focus on jobs. When asked if he'd be part of her cabinet, she said no.

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