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Sunrise app to meet its sunset

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Microsoft is killing an app it recently purchased for $100 million.

Sunrise, the most popular calendar app for iPhones and Androids, announced it would shut down in August and will be merged into Microsoft's Outlook Calendar. The purchase was made in 2015.

It isn't the first time a popular app was shut down after being purchased by a larger company.

Tempo was often hailed as the best calendar app before Sunrise came along, was purchased by Salesforce in 2015 and is no longer available in the app stores.

Urbanspoon, one of the oldest restaurant recommendation apps, was acquired by Zomato and was removed from the app stores. Customers were prompted to download basically the same app under the name Zomato.

Mailbox was another utility app that burst on the scene in 2013 was acquired by Dropbox for $100 million before it was even available to the public.

Large companies will often purchase apps from developers for its technology or, in many cases, to kill its competition. The apps will often work for a brief time after they are removed from the app stores but are not updated. Eventually the apps will stop working.

Sunrise will be removed from the app stores in August. Users who've downloaded it will be able to continue using it until it no longer works. In a message on the app's home screen the developers explain that some of its features will be rolled into the Microsoft Outlook app.

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