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Professional drivers concerned about speed increases along U.S. 641

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Drivers are adjusting to the speed limit increase along U.S. 641 and U.S. 45. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet made the change earlier this week, but here's a reminder on U.S. 641: It's not 65 miles an hour the entire stretch.

The speed limit drops to 55 miles an hour along these intersections at Toy York Road and at the Hardin intersection. However, some professional drivers are concerned the speed changes may be dangerous.

Professional driver and business owner Rusty Jarrett says he has plenty of good music to drive to. But Jarrett says, when driving hundreds of miles a day in a big truck, he also has to bring some serious awareness. “I always slow down right in here, and if I don't see a car," he says.

Jarrett says with speed increases, he wishes there was something like warning lights to give him and others driving big rigs more time to react. “I’m going to be looking doubly cautious (than) what I am now, because I do not want to hit nobody or hurt anybody," he says.

For a big truck to stop completely at an intersection, it has to start breaking a good 600 feet ahead of the stopping point, and that's not even considering a curve or hill in the road.

Ryan Watts with the KYTC says right now they have no plans to make changes other than the new mile per hour signs. "However, if there's concern from the general public, we'll take a look at that and install appropriate signage where needed," Watts says. 

But for Jarrett, stopping with enough space is important enough to him to take out all the stops.

“It might be worth paying it," Jarrett says about warning lights. W"e'll take up some collection, me and some buddies.”

As with any traffic change, Watts encourages safe, alert driving through the area with the new speed limits.

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