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Bowfishing tournament takes aim at Asian carp population

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A single shot is all it takes to take out what Kenzie Taylor said is becoming a growing headache in our local lakes.

"They are a nuisance to these Kentucky waters," she told Local 6 of the infestation of Asian carp.

This weekend, more than 100 teams will take part in a bowfishing tournament to remove carp for our rivers and lakes. Taylor said they are eating away at the ecosystem. "That's taken a lot of habitat away from your game fish, such as bass, crappie," Taylor said.

Taylor believes the tournament is not only good for the sport, but also brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars to the lakes region with teams from across the country.

"It's not just your people who are here from the state that know who to shoot these fish, but people who are excited to come shoot these fish," she said. 

The organizer of the tournament is from Alabama. He wanted to bring it to Kentucky because, he said, the state has one of the largest numbers of bowfishermen in the country as well as one of the largest populations of carp.

"Bowfishing is a natural fit, because people like to shoot them and it's good to get rid of them," said Bryan Hughes.

His company, Backwater Outdoors, is sponsoring the tournament. Hughes said he's seen what Carp are doing to our waters and wants to put a dent in the population.  "Anything we can do to get them out the water is great for the environment," he said. 

The tournament runs through Sunday and is coordinated through the Lake Barkley Tourism Commission.

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