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City making sure it's easy to spot homes during emergencies

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In an emergency, first responders must be able to find your home. The city of Mayfield is making sure it’s easy to spot your home when minutes count.

City of Mayfield Safety Officer Darin French says they're looking for houses where the house number is difficult to see, so they can fix it instead of fining the homeowner for failing to follow a city code.

“A lot of people may not even know that they are in violation,” French said.

The code is about 20 years old, but Mayfield's mayor wants to start enforcing it more because there's been an increase in difficulty finding homes during emergencies.

“If several of the houses aren’t numbered on the street, we could bypass your house by two or three homes before we get turned around and get back. If you are having a heart attack, you know, all that time equals muscle being damaged to your heart,” French said.

It's okay to have script style house numbers under the ordinance as long as you have block style numbering within 3 feet of the door.

Avery Booker, who lives next door to a house on which numbers are being replaced, says he’s glad to see his neighbors being taken care of.

“It's just very important to have your numbers in plain view to where everybody can see them,” Booker said.

He thinks it's a good idea for the city to put up some house numbers for free.

“A lot of older people too, they can't get out there and do it themselves and change it. So, I mean, I think it's a perfect opportunity to do that for people,” Booker said.

Booker says by helping one home, the city is also making their neighborhood safer.

If you live in Mayfield and need to update your house numbers, head to city hall. The fire station's budget bought 1,000 house numbers available for you on a first come, first served basis.

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