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Marshall County Rescue squad chief says squad secretary misused fuel cards

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Marshall County Rescue Squad Chief Kurt Schmidt says the rescue squad's secretary and her son misused squad fuel cards in a statement released Tuesday. 

Schmidt says he noticed that the squad's fuel bill was high for the past three years, and eventually learned a particular fuel card — a card assigned to a truck that responds "very infrequently" — was being used a lot. He says the squad pulled the cards for every vehicle and couldn't find the one for that truck. 

The chief says he asked Calvert City police and the Marshall County Sheriff's Department to check videos at Five Star gas stations in the area. He says both law enforcement agencies found that Squad Secretary/Treasurer Vallery West's son, Trevor Gamble, was using the cards. Schmidt says he also found out West had a fuel card that had been turned in to her in 2014, and that it also had been used heavily. 

Schmidt says that information has been turned in to the sheriff's office. We have not received word on whether charges have been filed. 

We have included the full statement below this story. 

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