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Local teams replace scorebooks with iPads

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Scorebooks have always been a staple inside a softball and baseball dugout.

However, as technology has evolved, iPads are now making their way into dugouts, replacing scorebooks as a means of recording stats.

Instead of using pencil and paper to tally stats, local teams are transitioning to the GameChanger app where they keep score via iPad or iPhone.

According to the GameChanger apps official website, more than 125,000 teams are using the software.

"You walk around and you see either the parent, the scorekeeper, or members of the coaching staff, everybody has got an iPad," Calloway County baseball coach Travis Turner said.

"Usually there is like a freshman or something that does it and they use it all during the game and they get really good at it," Marshall County senior Brandon Blossom said.

“I remember when I was a kid one of the great joys for me was learning how to keep score and when we would play ball in the backyard, I'd have a scorebook you know to track our games," Turner said.

With a GameChanger app subscription fans can keep track of their teams with live game updates, season stats and game recap stories.

"Of course it's amazing the ability to instantaneously get information to the rest of staff to parents, family, to our folks in media, it's a wonderful thing but it's a whole new world for an old guy," Turner said.

But as great as some say the app is, McCracken County softball coach Tony Hayden wants nothing to do with it.

"I think it's more for publicity, for parents, for other coaches around the state to keep up with how your players are doing,” Hayden said. “We've never used it, not planning on using it."

But for other coaches, they're all for it, hoping it can become a game changer for them.

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