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Graves County tornado relief donations reach $100,000

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As a small business owner, the tornado damage to Jason Acree's shop was big enough to force him out.   

"I had someone call me to ask if I got out of the building. I said, 'Yeah, why?' And they said, 'Well, your roof is completely gone,'" Acree told Local 6.

However, it didn't do him in. He moved down the road and reopened earlier this week. Acree said he had no choice. "I have two young boys I want to raise up and leave them something. I got to provide for them," he said. 

Acree doesn't plan on applying for any aid through the Tornado Relief Fund because he said he's pretty much set up at his new location. However, the county's emergency management director said there is interest among others and they are already cutting checks.

"We want to do what we can to help them," said Emergency Management Director Davant Ramage. The tornado relief committee will consider each claim on a case by case basis. Business owners and homeowners who suffered damage will be considered, but priority will be given to those who've lost everything.

"Both loses are important. Both loses we want to try to help with. But, obviously those that have lost more will move to the front of the line," Ramage told Local 6.

Acree considers himself fortunate and is focused on restarting his business that first opened in January. "My family and I, we've put everything into this business," he said. 

So far, $102,000 has been donated to the tornado relief fund.

To fill out an application, click here

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