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Deputies catch lightning strike on cruiser cameras

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Two McCracken County Sheriff's Department cruisers caught a lightning strike in Paducah on in-car video Thursday afternoon. You can watch the videos right here. 

It happened at 3:57 p.m. Thursday when lightning struck a home at 501 North 6th Street. The sheriff's department has sent us a video containing footage from both cameras. 

The first video of was captured on Sgt. Jared Rivera's in-car camera as he was inbound on Wayne Sullivan Drive. The second video was taken from Sgt. David Shepherd's in-car video camera when he happened to be driving by the home when the lightning struck. 

Be sure to wear headphones or turn up your speakers when you watch the video. The concussion from the lightning strike knocked Shepherd's video camera head from its windshield mount in the sheriff's cruiser.

The sheriff's department notes that Shepherd was not injured, and the homeowners were not injured either. Their home was damaged by the lightening, which caused a small fire.

The Paducah Fire Department also responded to the scene.

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