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Homeowner wants larger culverts installed to prevent flash flooding

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Knee deep water is often what awaits Bill Chase every time it pours.

"It's been couple times a year for the last three years," he said of the headache that happens on his Lightfoot Road home. 

Chase said the railroad ditch, which runs parallel to his home, doesn't keep up with any heavy rainfall.  As a result, it overflows into his yard and home.   "Very frustrating.  It inundates my house," Chase told Local 6.

The tipping point is about two inches of rain.  Chase said if he receives that, his yard turns into a rushing river.  He's spent thousands of dollars to cleanup the mess. "It's redoing everything and cleaning everything up after it happens," he said. 

Chase wants bigger culverts installed.  He estimates the current ones are three feet around, but he wants them at least six feet.  "I believe a larger culvert going through Lightfoot would alleviate when we have a large rain from backing up and coming across my property," Chase said. 

He said he isn't getting a clear answer on who's responsible for the upkeep.  He's been in talks with the county and the railroad company and said both are pointing the finger at each other.

"They don't seem to be responsive to my needs and my neighbor's needs," he said.

We called the county road department, but have not heard back about who is responsible for the maintenance.  Chase is considering hiring a lawyer. 

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