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Marshall County sanitation improvement, expansion will take time

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They need to clean house first: That’s what Marshall County leaders say about Sanitation District 2 in Draffenville. The county decided to hire an engineering company out of Paducah to help get the plant up to Environmental Protection Agency standards, but that's not the only concern.

One concern down the line is being able to reach customers. Marshall County High School, arguably one of the largest customers in that area, isn't part of the district. The district says its infrastructure is still a good quarter of a mile away from even reaching the school, and school leaders tell me they were hoping that would have changed by now.

Students are out for the summer now, but Marshall County Schools Superintendent Trent Lovett says they use a lot of utilities when class is in session. The school runs off its own septic system on campus, but Lovett wishes they didn't have to worry about it because education is the priority.

"We would rather leave that in the hands of someone else, because we're subject to inspection like any other sewer system would be," Lovett says.

The school even held off on building the facility and others in hopes that it could have connected to the city sewer by this time.

Judge Executive Kevin Neal says a high-functioning sanitation district can help the whole area, and hopefully the school in time. “Especially Draffenville, at a time where I think the area can grow," Neal says.

Neal says getting up to EPA standards, and in turn helping the local environment, is the first priority.

“We take it serious, so that's the first thing we have to do is get in compliance,” says Neal.

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