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McCracken County leaders look into options for E911 services

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Local leaders are trying to decide on the future of emergency services you and your family rely on for help in a crisis. A partnership between the city of Paducah and McCracken County's E911 services is coming to an end.

The current agreement ends July 1. Paducah is in the process of forming a new E911 department.

McCracken County Fiscal Court members are left weighing the county's options, and met on Wednesday to look over a proposal from the city. It's also considering a partnership with Kentucky State Police E911 and dispatch services. 
McCracken County Judge-Executive Bob Leeper says the county has the option to continue E911 services by contracting through the city. The contract and costs are still being worked out.

Regarding a possible partnership with Kentucky State Police, Leeper says that could save the county $65,000 to $70,000 a year. The problem is KSP Post 1 would have to build a new building to make room for the county. On top of that, Leeper says KSP is hesitant to move its post out of Graves County and into McCracken County.

"In the long term, it's going to be in best interest from a financial standpoint to contract with KSP, if we can get over this initial infrastructure cost. That cost is not significant, but I have concerns about McCracken County tax payers footing the whole bill for a facility in a different county," Leeper said.

The city is working with KSP and the other companies it contracts with to come to some sort of agreement on how they can all consolidate into one dispatch center. 

For now, no decisions have been made by the county about which services to use. Leeper says, no matter what, the county will have to contract the city's services at some point, because it will take time to build a new facility if the county partners with KSP. That's why he says the city and county are working so hard to come up with a contract.

Commissioners looked over the city's contract on Wednesday. From here, Leeper says the county will have to meet with the city again to go over all those questions.

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