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Mississippi woman won court order to take her placenta home after birth

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Jordan Thiering won a court battle over whether her hospital should allow her to take her placenta home after she gives birth to her baby boy. Thiering lives in Mississippi and is due to have her son on June 24. When she told her doctor she wanted to bring her placenta home she found out she had to have a court order first.

The Mississippi Health Department worked together with Thiering's hospital to develop guidance on how to handle her placenta request. The health department and hospital agreed that a court order was the best solution.  Usually a woman's placenta is considered medical waste after delivery. Health department officials said they want to revisit that issue and maybe the change the definition.

Thiering said the judge didn't say much when she appeared for her court date to get her court order. Thiering says the judge simply asked the hospital representative if there was an issue with it and then signed the petition.

Thiering said she plans to name her son Roman. A name she and her husband chose after "The Fast and Furious" character Roman Pearce.

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