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Union responds to Rauner veto

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Stop the blame game and do what's right: That's the message to Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner from a health care workers union.

It's in response to Rauner's veto of a state senate bill that would have given more than $3 billion to higher education, mental health treatment and other programs during the budget impasse.

SEIU Healthcare Illinois' president sent us this statement:

"The governor's veto of Senate Bill 2046 is more evidence this governor wishes to continue the hostage situation he has caused in Illinois. He has spent recent days blaming everyone but himself for holding up a budget until he gets his union-busting demands that have nothing to do with saving taxpayer dollars and everything to do with weakening rights and protections for Illinois' working families and driving down wages and benefits for ALL workers."

Rauner says Illinois needs real solutions to its financial problems.

Democrats could now try to override the veto.

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