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NASA will livestream total solar eclipse from SIU campus

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Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse? It happens when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. The last time there was a good view of one over our area was in 1869, according to NASA. There's another on its way, and NASA says the best place to see it is in southern Illinois.

Sarah Kovac is only 20 years old and she's already experienced the magic of a total solar eclipse.

"It was breathtaking," says Kovac.

Even though she had to fly halfway around the world to see it, Kovac says it was worth the travel time.

"There's nothing else I've ever seen in my life that has been just as amazing," says Kovac.

Soon, she can share that experience with everyone.

At a news conference in Carbondale on Friday, NASA announced it will be streaming the eclipse live from the football field at Southern Illinois University.

Fred Espenak, better known as Mr. Eclipse, is in charge of managing NASA's official eclipse website. You could say he's an expert on the topic.

"It's bad to look into the partial phases of a solar eclipse, because it's the same as looking at the sun in any regular day," says Espenak.

Espenak says there are a few things you can do to protect your eyes. He says the easiest way is to pick up a pair of eclipse glasses, which you can find at Carbondale Tourism.

"When the eclipse becomes total, then you take the glasses off," says Espenak.

It's a magical moment, Kovac says, that puts the entire world into perspective.

The total solar eclipse will happen on August 21, 2017. The city of Carbondale says its expecting around 50,000 visitors.

Click here for more details about the total solar eclipse.

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