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Camp counselor rescues driver from burning car

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We all hope if we're confronted with danger, we'll act heroically.

Clay Brummal, a counselor and conservation educator at Camp Currie in Marshall County, did just that. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife employee didn't hesitate to run toward smoke and flames when he came across a wreck on Friday. His quick thinking saved the life of the man inside that car.

"The car was engulfed in flames in just a matter of minutes," Brummal said.

Amid all the chaos on the Natcher Parkway in Ohio County was Brummal, a counselor at Camp Currie for many years.

Brummal had just dropped off a group of campers at a nearby school when he came across a wrecked pickup truck. The driver was still inside and unresponsive. Brummal noticed flames coming from underneath the engine compartment.

"Right then I had to act fast. So, I started tugging on this guy's foot," Brummal explained. "And, luckily, I was very lucky, two more people come in to assist. And if it hadn't been for all three of us, there's no way we would have got that guy out. There's no way."

Right across the road was a bus full of Breckenridge and Hancock County campers. They were pulled off because their luggage trailer had gotten a flat tire.

"We saw the flames and the kids were, you know, going crazy," Kaelin McWilliams, a conservation educator, said. "I was trying to calm them down, keep them calm, but they saw Mr. Brummal over there."

"Once we got him out of the car, we drug him what we thought was a safe distance from the vehicle," Brummal said.

This counselor wasn't done yet.

"He then came back over to the other side and helped us change the tire. So yeah, so he got us back on the road," McWilliams said. "The kids and I we were like, Mr. Clay today is our hero."

Brummal says he just acted as he's trained to act.

"I would hope somebody in the same situation would do that for me or anybody else," Brummal said.

Ohio County's EMS director says it's very uncommon for a car to ignite on contact and for someone to be unconscious inside. He says Brummal was in the right place at the right time.

The Kentucky State Police says the driver, Jerry Crowler of Gordsville, Tennessee, was taken by helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

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