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Widespread weather damage reported from Wednesday's storms

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Wednesday's weather toppled trees and pulled down power lines throughout many of our western Kentucky counties.  Jimmy Ross' oak tobacco barn crumbled from the strong winds in Ballard County.

"It was a nice, solid barn.  It wasn't no one of these cheap throw ups. That barn's been here for years," Ross said. 

He was using the barn for storage and says it was leveled in less than a minute.  "It bound up happening in 30 seconds," he said. 

Tammy Thompson shared some severe weather video of the ferocious winds at Murray State.  She was inside sparks hall when the rain and wind began to thrash the trees.

The weather's destruction kept insurance agents busy.  "We like keeping in touch with the customers and checking their structures and dwellings that we have," said Kevin Housman.

Housman began receiving calls of damage around 1:30pm.   He's been making house calls all afternoon.  "Whenever somebody calls and says they've go something going on, especially with this degree, that's our nature. We want to be there for the customers and then help get through the process," Housman told Local 6.

Many local roads experienced downed trees.  One tree fell onto a home on Highway 286 at the Ballard and McCracken County line.  Another tree, which viewer Jeff Sheridan said is the largest pecan tree in the state, split into two in Fancy Farm just missing two homes.

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