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Paducah church holds service to remember Orlando shooting victims

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Paducah's Grace Episcopal Church is more than 800 miles from the site of the Orlando nightclub shooting, but Rev. Charles Uhlik says no matter the distance, this week is about praying for our country.

"Even if they're not people who are religious, but are spiritual and need a place to come together and community with others," Rev. Uhlik said. 

Uhlik's message was one of tolerance and acceptance.  He said the shooting deaths weaken our abilities to see each other beyond our race, nationality and sexual orientation.

"What we're trying to do tonight is to try to bring people together to remind ourselves that there are peaceful ways to resolve our differences," he told Local 6.

It's a message shared by Mark Vaughn.  He came to pray for the not only the victims, but their families and the first responders who risked their lives to save others. "It's a way I seek solace and peace myself and I thought I would give some prayers," Vaughn said. 

49 candles were lit to remember the 49 victims of what Rev. Uhlik called a senseless act of violence.  Vaughn believes the tragedy should remind us that our freedoms aren't always free.  "That's one of the reasons we fly the flag of freedom. The reason we have the 1st amendment rights that we fought for," he said. 

"Remind ourselves God loves all of us," Rev. Uhlik told Local 6.

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