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A father, daughter passion for art

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For fathers with children who live far away, it's an extra special treat to be together on Father's Day. Like father, like daughter Sara and Bill Renzulli are both artists and reunited this weekend.

Sara Renzulli is in Paducah from Maryland for the weekend to visit her dad, Bill and teach felting workshops at Ephemera.

“It's a win, win, when I can come back and teach and visit,” Sara said.

Her dad is proud she's turned her passion for needle felting into a business, Sarafina Fiber Art.

“She is absolutely fearless when it comes to art. I learn from her,” Bill said.

Sara says her dad’s transition from medicine to becoming a full -time artist inspires her career choice.

“It set the standard or the tone that it's never too late to change what you're doing and to try something new because he really did that,” Sara said.

“It's a little bit sad to be so far away from my daughters but it’s worth it,” Bill said.

Bill says he knew from the beginning Sara had a knack for art too.

“She would always be drawing, even at night when she should've been in bed, she'd be under the covers sketching,” Bill said.

Sara grew up enjoying to paint like her dad but figured out she could make a career from her passion for felt work.

“People kind of fall in love with it, and get addicted to it,” Sara said.

She turns wool into life-like pieces and teaches workshops at her shop in Maryland.

“We've got the business. We've got a really nice online community of people that are excited about what we're doing,” Sara said.

The two are happy that while they're more than 800 miles away most days, on this Father’s Day dad can spend time with Sara and his two grandsons.

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