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Competition on for boy's bone marrow match

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Some children have to fight for their health, and now so are their neighbors. One 12 year old is searching to find a bone marrow match.

Mason Fuller’s favorite sport is basketball, and his favorite team is the Cavs. But when it comes to Mason’s health, it’s a tough competition. When you ask him what he has, he says: “NEMO, like he fish, except I’m not a fish.”

NEMO is an autoimmune disease, and down the road, his neighbors are signing up to see if they can be a match to donate their bone marrow to Mason.

Many of those joining the registry said if they were in the same situation as Mason, they would want others to do the same for them.

The competition to find marrow that matches is even steeper. The registry has close to 9 million people, and those in need still struggle to find a match.

But, joining the registry is as easy. All you need to do is list simple information, some contact numbers, and a take simple cheek swab.

Mason’s grandfather Dickie Berry says they had a match before, but the donor wasn't healthy enough.

Berry says they won't stop searching. “He's my grandson," Berry says. "You've got to do what you can to help.”

As for Mason, it's hard for him to say how grateful he is.

You do have to be between 18 and 44 years old to join the registry. If you're selected, the marrow donation process isn't like it once was. Coordinators say it’s just like donating blood, and pretty painless.

To start the process of joining the registry, go to

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