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Homeowners upset about signs stolen ahead of alcohol vote

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Homeowners in Mayfield say a sign swiping culprit is targeting yards with Vote Yes signs ahead of next week's vote to allow or deny city-wide sales of packaged alcohol.

Amanda Leivdal said her signs, as well as a few of her friend's signs, were taken Tuesday night. "I actually spoke with a lady last night. She's had two signs out in her yard that have both gotten stolen," Leivdal said. 

She's in favor of the measure and believes those who are against it are taking their message too far.  "Two days ago, I went to work seeing lots of them. Today, I take the same route to work. I think I saw two on my way home," she said. 

Taking the signs could result in criminal charges. Mayfield's police chief says you could be charged with theft and trespassing. 

"It really angers me that they would just come up in your yard and just take whatever they want," said Brenda Reaves.

She replaced her stolen sign. Reaves has been wanting to change the law for years. She voted for city-wide sales the first time around and plans to vote yes again next week. "Because I think it's our right to be able to buy alcohol here in town without going to a different county," she said. 

Reaves does not want to press charges, but Leivdal wants those who are responsible to know the disappearing act doesn't intimidate her. "People should be able to have that right to be able to speak how they feel," she said. 

The vote is Tuesday, June 28.  Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and only people living in the city limits are allowed to vote. 

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