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Community gives back to volunteers giving time

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We've been following the progress made on the Paducah Rotary Club's community playground. Thanks to the volunteers, the play area  will be ready for kids on Sunday. However, the hospitality of several others has brought relief in to form of food and drinks. 

Courtney Varvel is one of dozens of volunteers hoisting, holding and placing play area pieces. In order to push through, the group needs to refuel. "We had barbecue, and I ate it twice. And both times I was really excited about it," she said. "It was delicious."

On Thursday Jonathan Hines walked up on behalf of Cold War Patriots House Memorial, J.W. Cleary and NAACP membership. "Each organization is going to donate at least fifty dollars of fruit and cookies for the workers," said Hines

Lunch and dinner have been provided all week thanks to the generosity of more than 75 businesses and organizations.  

Food coordinator, Eddie Grant says every day this week, a new group has stopped by to donate food, drinks or manpower. "We've been incredibly surprised and overwhelmed, quite frankly, with the community support on the food, and the project and everything else," said Grant.   

A ribbon cutting ceremony will happen Sunday night. For more details, click here.



Artisan Kitchen  (Coffee, Lemonade)

Barkley Airport – Pallet of Water

City Rockers Pizza Pallet of Water

Pepsi MidAmerica (half pallet of Water)

Olive Garden Tea and Lemonade

Walker Hall Tea and Lemonade

Snacks All Week

Edible Arrangements fruit kabob tray-daily

Artisan Kitchen chips and crackers

Cold War Patriots and J.W. Cleary  fruit and cookies

Minuteman Press Printing   fruit and snacks

SYSCO – Paper Products

Red’s Donut Shop 3 doz donuts- daily

Meals all week 

Station Burger Co. burgers for a Lunch and Dinner 

Supported by Relevant Church &

Professional Food Group

Walker Hall Catering a Lunch and Dinner -bbq, sides, and cookies

THE CROSSING Church – Grlled Burgers on site -Meal

STARES BBQ-  2 BBQ shoulders

Jackson St. Dominos – 10 Large Pizzas

Chuck E Cheese’s – 10 Large Pizzas

Pizza Inn– 10 Large Pizzas

City Rockers Pizza – 10 Large Pizzas

Chick Fil A – 90 Chicken Sandwiches

Margaret Hank Church - hotdogs, chips, fruit,– Meal

BURGER KING – 90 Burgers

Harrison Street Baptist Church – Meal

Jimmy Johns Subs – Meal

Pettus-Rowland Funeral Home – Meal Sponsor

JJ’s Wings and More  Italian Sausage - Meal

ATMOS energy- grilled on site Sunday  Burgers and hot dogs

Paducah Bank- Wow Wagon (ice cream) 

Innovations Branding House – Popcorn

Members of Paducah Hospitality Association are in Bold

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