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What the Tech: Smart lights for your home

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You've probably heard a lot about smart homes and how every day appliances can be connected to each other and controlled with one device.

It's getting a lot of attention, but you don't need a high tech house to make it work.

We know that our emotions are affected by shorter days in the winter, but did you know that doctors believe it isn't the length of days, it's the darkness.

We're a long way from dark and dreary, but light can affect us any time of year, and a new gadget gives us the ability to change our moods.

Philips new Hue white ambiance light kit will set the mood wherever you are in the house. The two light bulbs can change from bright white, to soft almost amber. It's part of the connected home you've heard so much about.

Plug the bulbs into a light fixture then connect them to the Hues app. You're not connecting the fixture, you're controlling the bulbs.

Want to concentrate on studying, it's a bright white light. Watching tv, the lights can change from bright white to a warm glow. To help unwind before bed it changes the ambiance again.

Schedule when you want to wake up in the morning and the lights will slowly get brighter. You control the brightness and the color temperature. You can also turn them on and off when you're away from home.

The starter kit comes with two bulbs and a hub which you'll need. You can add other bulbs for more rooms.

It's a good introduction to The Internet of Things and smart homes for around 80 bucks.

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