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KFC debuts Watt a Box

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Your phone may need re-charging about the same time you do. Consumer technology reporter Jamey Tucker shows  us how a popular chicken restaurant wants to help you both.

From KFC, it's called Watt a Box. Filled with your choice of chicken dishes with a power bank built right inside, plug in your device and it gets charged while you do. 

The box comes with a detachable battery, USB cable for Android devices, and an Apple lightning cable for iPhones.     

But it isn't coming anytime soon. The Watt a Box is a promotion in India. Still, I think they're on to something. 

We all know about the dangers of walking while texting. It's a big problem in South Korea, and the national police agency is warning people. They're putting up two new traffic signs reminding people that it isn't safe to be looking down at your phone while you're walking down the street.

The first is an actual warning comes with a diagram of someone about to be hit by a car. The other is a reminder to walk safely, and it shows an image of a smartphone with a person looking down at a device. That is an iPhone, by the way.

Here in the United States, a New Jersey assembly woman sponsored a bill that would ban walking while texting. Bills similar to this one have failed in New York, Illinois and Arkansas.

You can almost bet we'll begin seeing similar bills.

 The proposed bill in New Jersey would fine some one $50 for texting while walking. Multiple offenses could result in up to 14 days in jail.

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