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What's Going Around 6/29/2016

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It's a painful infection that tends to pop up in the summer months: swimmers ear.

"A lot of times, a person will have ear wax in the canal, and then water gets behind the ear wax and then kind of pulls there," said nurse practitioner Martha Kloss. She says if there's even a little scratch on the ear canal, swimmers ear can develop. But if you do get it, there's a drop you can use. "It's actually a vinegar based ear drop. You can put half white vinegar, half water. Tou can mix together and use in your ear canal," said Kloss.

Other ailments being treated at Four Rivers Internal Medicine include poison ivy, tick bites and other bug bites. Heat-related sinus and allergy problems are unrelenting for several patients visiting the clinic.

Also in Paducah, Dr. David Saxon at Baptist Urgent Care is seeing patients with rashes. And keep an eye out for the flowering plant poison ivy. Saxon continues to see cases of poison ivy and people with tick and bug bites.

The most common complaint in South Fulton, Tennessee, seems to be seasonal allergies, according to Dr. Nasira Malik with Tennova Primary Care.
In Benton, Illinois, Dr. Brian Harrison is seeing all ages with a stomach virus. Symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. He's also treating insect bites this summer. Harrison says the bites can be treated with over the counter medication.

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