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Tech deadlines approaching for Facebook, Windows

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This is a big deal for people who've uploaded photos to Facebook from their smartphone. Facebook's giving them a week to do something, or they're getting rid of those pictures forever.

Facebook has had a feature that would automatically upload photos you take with your smartphone and store them for safe­-keeping, but that feature is going away. Facebook is killing it and requiring people to download another Facebook app called Moments.

You may not know those photos were saved to begin with. To find out, go to your Facebook profile and to the photos tab to see if you have photos that were uploaded but not shared.

Moments is a really good way to store and especially share photos with your friends without posting them for everyone to see. Download it by
July 7. If you've uploaded photos to Facebook from your mobile device, you really don't have much of a choice.

The other deadline coming up is for Windows users. Right now, Windows 10 is a free upgrade for anyone using Windows 7 or later.

Microsoft made that offer one year ago, which was unusual because typically the company charges for upgrades.

You can still use Windows 7 or 8, but if you do plan to upgrade to Windows 10, do it before July 29, or you'll have to pay $120 for it.

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