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His House Ministries serves Mayfield with LOVE WORKS

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It was not your typical service for the His House Ministries in Mayfield, Kentucky. Instead of worshiping indoors, they took their fellowship outdoors with the "LOVE WORKS" community project.

It's a labor of love pulling close to 500 volunteers together. "We put them on teams. Some they know everybody and some they don't know them," said Tami Widelski. She explains teams have one purpose, to help out with neighborhood projects, like trimming bushes. 

This caught Genie Amador off guard. "I was surprised. I was like there are a lot of people in my yard. What are they doing," said Amador. This mother of two, with one on the way, is one of many benefiting from what she calls a blessing because can't get out in the yard to work. But those with out for LOVE WORKS can.

From pulling weeds and mulching, to pulling weeds down Water Street. The goal is to complete 40 projects throughout the city of Mayfield. 

Other locations receiving sprucing include the men's homeless shelter and area parks. "I can see it's going to reach out much bigger than it is this time. I mean already 500 people," said Widelski. individuals making an impact by putting love to work. 

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