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Google shows users their history with My Activity

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We use Google to search for things, but Google doesn't have to search much about you. Consumer technology reporter Jamey Tucker shows us what Google already knows about you. 

The company just launched a My Activity page that has stored everything you've done on Google. If you use an Android device, your entire web history is there.

See what they've got on you by going to

Here's what i found: Google knows I searched for information about bruised ribs, so it knows i probably injured myself. I did. Google remembers more than I do. Back in 2011, I was getting ready to tile my basement floor and watched a how-to video. 

The thing is, Google has been gathering and storing all this information for years. We're just now able to see it.

Google uses the information, it says, to speed up our web experience. It listens to us to better understand our voice when we ask it something like directions or search and to show us ads that are more targeted based on what we're interested in.

That's fine, and Google says it doesn't sell the information to third party companies.

But, if that isn't good enough for you and you want to opt out of the Google tracking, you can do that at

Google's explanation is believable, but some of you probably think it's scary that you're being watched at all.

Like I've said, Google knows a lot more about you than even the government.

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