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Community playgrounds inspected for your children's safety

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If you're not careful you could find your tending to more than a tired child at the end of the day out at the playground. This is one reason why local parks services take steps to keep your little one injury free. 

There is not better day than a day out to play for Ashely Grimm's two tykes. "We're here 3 or 4 times a week," said Grimm. His youngest is rather tame but his 4-year-old is a different story. " A little bit of a mad man. He wants to try everything out and run around in every direction at the same time," explained Grimm.

Which is why Recreation Specialist Taylor Morsching is out inspecting play equipment monthly. "One I try to go underneath. You think from a kids level they're a lot shorter," said Morsching. Key area of focus are safety, functions and aesthetics. Everything is checked to be working properly. "Like the screws are tight and bolts are tight, all of that," said Morsching

One of the main things looked out for are entanglement hazards on the playground are one of the main things looked for. But the safety of each youngster also falls back on adult supervision. Lack of supervision can possibly lead to a preventable injury.

For Grimm, a stay at home dad, a watchful eye helps too when it heats up. "I've been a stay at home dad for quite awhile. I'd say I'm prepared," said Grimm.  "I keep a close eye on him. If he's getting sunburned, keep sunscreen on. Give him plenty of water."

Warning, what you can't see has the potential of being hazardous. Morsching says specially when it's 95 to 100 degrees out. The rubber surface can even increase in temperature. 

In the case something does happen, Grimm says he's packed with a first aid kit.

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