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Road closures, construction creating travel headaches

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The weather is adding insult to injury for some local families living along a section of Kentucky 348 in McCracken County, and the conditions are creating travel headaches.

Brothers Clinton and Wally Nall say they're fed up and ready for construction to be done on Camp Creek Bridge.

"We've had a lot of patience, but everybody's patience around here is getting thin," says Wally.

Work began on the bridge in November 2015. It was scheduled to be done in four months. But, eight months later, the bridge is still closed.

"They pulled off of it for several weeks, didn't even work on it at all," says Clinton.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Spokesman Keith Todd, says the construction was delayed because of the rain. He says if you can make it stop raining, the contractor would be more than happy to complete work on the bridge.

"About every time we started moving ahead on something, we've had more rain," says Todd. "So it's the rain, rain and more rain that's been the problem."

Todd says the contractor dug out and replaced some of the fill along the approaches with gravel to help "move things along."

Another portion of KY 348 at the McCracken County-Graves County boarder was closed earlier this week. Todd says recent flooding has caused washouts at a number of cross drains. He says repairs cannot start until the water goes down, which could take several days.

The Nall brothers say there's now only one way out, and it's a windy, dangerous road.

"You've got a lot of detours to do," says Clinton. "You've got to go out of your way. It's just a headache."

It use to take then about 15 minutes to drive to Paducah, but now they say it takes around 45 minutes.

"If I had to have an ambulance, they'd have a hard time getting here," says Clinton. "If our house caught on fire, they'd have a hard time getting here."

It's a fact that worries both brothers, but all they can do now is hope the rain stops and the construction continues.

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