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Clear the Shelters - Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

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It's a safe bet your local animal shelter or humane society is overcrowded. That's why we're teaming up with five local shelters and NBC to clear the shelters.

He's the kissing machine. Gus is the big baby of the house. The chocolate lab is the newest addition to the GroJean family. "Gus, and then Q ,and then Piper are all from the humane society here in southeast Missouri," said Heather GroJean. Allie and Daisy complete the four-legged family members.  

GroJean's heart and home have been open rescue animals for 15 years. "I think i missed my calling. I probably should have went into something in the animal field," said GroJean. But a close second is adopting. Fostering also has its benefits. "It's kind of like a rent to own. If you're debating on whether to adopt, it's perfect step into adoption. You know what you're going to get," explained the animal lover.

It's also a good lesson in responsibility for he son, Blake. "When mom and dad are at work, we feed them. Normally, we feed them four times a day," said Blake.

It doesn't stop with feeding or the rubbing bellies. "The kids will take them around the neighborhood. Lately it's been almost too hot to do that, so we've been chilling out," said GroJean

Five story book endings of finding their forever family.

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