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Detour washed out, leaving drivers searching for new route

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If you're driving between Ledbetter and Smithland in Livingston County, you may come across a road closed sign. The rains washed out a number of roads, including a chunk of Cut Off Road/Highway 937.

An 8-foot tall, 13-foot wide culvert sat under Cut Off Road until Thursday night's storm washed it away. Drivers were supposed to use it as a detour for Highway 453 — which is closed through August — but now it too is closed. Drivers are left back tracking about 30 minutes.

By Thursday afternoon, Tiffany Brannam was serving up sandwiches at Thompson's Grocery Store now, but when she woke up and found out about the washout on Cut Off Road, she had one thought: "How am I going to get to work?"

Ledbetter Fire and Rescue Chief Terry Stringer says dozens of people who live on Highway 453 had to find longer routes to get to their jobs in Smithland or Paducah.

"This road is out, so we have a detour-detour," Stringer said. 

Stringer said the main thing he wants is for people to be cautious out on area roadways. He say it will take at least 10 days to get culvert replaced and the road fixed.

Stringer advises people impacted by the washout to use Interstate 24 to get to Paducah or Smithland. He says it's the safer option.

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