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Flooding forces closure of Benton, Kentucky, assisted living facility

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Thirteen people were living at Ashby Place Assisted Living in Benton when flooding occurred Monday and Wednesday. It left several of inches of water in the bedrooms and flooded other parts of the 16 units.

Patrick Beaven captured surveillance video Monday morning that shows the onslaught of water that made its way through his two buildings.

"I knew immediately we didn't have a choice," Beaven told Local 6.

For safety reasons, he made the decision to close indefinitely. It also meant moving the 13 people out, as well as telling his 17 employees they were out of a job. "You can imagine having to let all of the family know, the residents know and all the staff know that we are no longer going to in operation," he said. 

Shirley Blackburn cut her vacation to South Dakota short to move her mother. "I think at first there was just an amount of shock," she recalled. 

She and her husband drove the 1,200 miles back to clean out her bedroom. It's a family affair to make sure her 86-year-old mom has a smooth transition.  "My sister is doing a beautiful job, and so mother is being taken care of, and we are going to get another placement maybe as of tomorrow," Blackburn said.

As of now, Beaven does not have any plans to relocate. He said the water risk is too high, and he would not have built his business there if he knew of the dangers.

"To be honest, we don't have a next step. At this point, we had no way to anticipate what's happened," he said. 

Beaven and his crew will be cleaning through the weekend.  Because the facility was not in a flood plain, he was not covered by flood insurance.

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