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KY Emergency Management team helps county survey damage

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Kentucky State Emergency Management teams met with Marshall County leaders Saturday to start surveying damage from this past week's storms.

The group spent close to two hours Saturday planning out how they're going to assess the damage over the next few days.

One group is tallying up damage for Individual Assistance which includes homes. A home that flooded with water needs it to be at least 16 inches of water for FEMA to consider it major damage.

Emergency management crews are reminding mobile home owners that even if their home looks dry to be on the lookout for black mold. Water could have gotten into the insulation or ductwork.

If more than 25 homes are destroyed or with major damage in the county people could qualify for small interest loans to cover repair costs.

The other two teams are focusing on Public Assistance funding.  Road repairs, debris removal, overtime for cleaning areas, and law enforcement helping protect closed roads are costs that count toward the total of Public Assistance costs.

Marshall County Emergency Management Director Curt Curtner says reporting damage to your county emergency management director is crucial to helping them meet the total. Marshall County is looking to have a lot of road damage.

“That’s going to hit us the hardest, is the cost to repair the roads ,and bring them back up to standards for safety,” Curtner said.

State DRC Coordinator James Lewis Jr. says they're working to make sure they help the county add up any and all damage costs.

“Keep in mind we've got that state threshold. First site we might go to you've hit your county threshold," Lewis Jr. said.

Kentucky needs to total $6.17 million in damages in order to be eligible for possible FEMA aid. The past week’s storms caused 14 cities or counties to issue disaster declarations.

Marshall County crews plan to focus on county damage before moving into city areas.

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