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85-year-old walking 500 miles for St. Jude

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It takes 150 hours to get to Memphis, Tennessee from Princeville, Illinois by foot if you walk non-stop. 85-year-old Dean Troutman is taking the 500-mile journey by foot to help raise money for the children of St Jude.

“It's not crazy for the purpose I’m doing it for. If somebody just takes off and walks to Memphis to be doing it, I'd say yeah it's a little crazy, but if I can do some good for these kids of St. Jude its worth it,” Troutman said.

He tries to do 15 miles a day but says it can be hard to reach with no sidewalks and heavy traffic.

“I can't let my mind wander. I can't day dream because you just got to watch every car,” Troutman said.

He started June 19, traveling 320 miles so far. He walks in the early morning and when it gets hot, stops for a break before continuing into the night.

“What problems I have you know, the trouble, I go through getting me there, is nothing compared to what these kids go through,” Troutman said.

He sleeps outside most nights but as he walks he's not alone. His wife Peggy accompanies him every step of the way.

“62 years we were married and she passed away 6 years ago this month,” Troutman said.

Her memory keeps him company as he walks to reach his goal of raising $100,000 for St. Jude. Troutman hopes to make it to Memphis by July 27th.

To donate to Troutman’s Trek 2 Memphis click here, to track it click here.

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