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Paducah pastors hold special prayer for racial healing

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Many who attended a Sunday afternoon prayer for racial healing service at Washington Street Baptist Church came broken-hearted, wounded by the news of recent police involved shootings, including the deaths of five Dallas police officers gunned down because of their profession.

Pastor Raynarldo Henderson said the service was about more than praise and worship - it was a time for prayer and action.  "We want to be on the ground level of speaking to the needs that affect people, so that's what sparked all of this," he told Local 6.

He called on the church and its members to take a leading role in calming and eliminating the racial tensions that have often followed the deadly shootings.  "If any kind of change is going to take place, the church will be the group of people who will make that change," Henderson said. 

There was an emotional moment for Latasha Williamson - sharing the pews with Paducah's police force and McCracken County deputies.  "We have to take it out of the context of a police officer, bad cop.  But we need to see them as human beings and they do stand for justice and they are here to protect us," she said. 

As the nation reflects on the recent deaths, Williamson said we must also remember anger and hate never win, but God's love always prevails.

'I believe this is going to cause us to come together more and realize that we are not an island to ourselves," she said.

Another prayer service is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12 at noon at Heartland Worship Center. 

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