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Community comes together for prayer service

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People came together in Paducah Tuesday to honor the victims of the recent shooting in Dallas and local law enforcement. More than 100 people attended the service.

Local leaders held the service to honor those who enforce the law at home and to fight race dividing the community. There was music, prayer, and all were welcome.

Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler says this is what she hoped would come from the event. “We need to do what we can to better those relationships within the community," she says.

Kaler says she hoped people would show their support of law enforcement who were in the crowd, but also remember that race shouldn't divide. “To talk about race, and about our police, and that it's not two separate issues," Kaler says. 

That's what Paducah Police Chief Brandon Barnhill says has been a focus in his department. “It is an opportunity for us to have the conversation again," he says.

Barnhill says his department was touched by the service. “Its obviously very comforting and heartwarming to see the support from the community," he says.

He says they've worked hard to reach out in the community, but he knows there's always more to be done in building those relationships with the community members he serves. “If we can know each other on a personal level, I think that will build the trust," Barnhill says. 

But, praying over the events in Dallas, they still hit close to home.

“Accept people as they are, and accept people even though they're different,” said pastor Ray Henderson.

Donations were not taken at Tuesday's service. The Station Burger Company will host a fundraiser for the Dallas shooting victims at all locations Wednesday. 

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