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Protesters gather in Carbondale Wednesday

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Protesters are marching through Carbondale streets Wednesday night, shouting "black lives matter" as the dozens of people move through the downtown.

Jonathan Moore, who is affiliated with Black Lives Matter in Carbondale, says this isn't the whole story or the whole movement's message.

He said their aim is to make real changes to Carbondale, and smooth relations between the police and the black community through real talk and solid change.

The dozens of protesters Wednesday night claim to be a part of the Black Lives Matter group, protesting the recent violence between police officers and African Americans throughout the country.

Moore says they are not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement in Carbondale and instead of working toward community outreach like their movement is, these protesters are urging people disobey authority and police.

The group protesting Wednesday night moved through city streets until after 11 p.m. shouting f*** the police and f*** their guns, urging the group to disobey authority.  After marching downtown through to the police station with at least 6 police patrols watching nearby, the group screened a film about racial inequality and police violence against the wall of the police station.

More protests in Carbondale are expected to arise in the coming weeks.

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