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I Am Local 6: Phil Franklin builds homes and delivers hope

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We're taught early in life that home is where the heart is. People who help build the St. Jude Dream Home provide love and talent to bring that saying to life.

Phil and Martie Franklin of Jeda Homes help lead the effort. He's been building homes in west Kentucky since 2008.  Nearly a decade later, his motivation to help sick kids receive free medical treatment is stronger than ever. 

Phil knows it takes a team of willing businesses, sub-contractors and volunteers to build the home every year. 

"Going out to all your friends and saying 'Hey, I need you to donate the electrical, or I need you to donate the plumbing, or the heat and air,' is what it takes," Franklin said. 

He has witnessed how money raised from the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway helps provide sick kids the medical care they so desperately need. 

"It's a good feeling, a really good feeling.  We're involved with a very, very good charity," Franklin said.  

In fact, he has witnessed sick kids receive treatment and recover. 

"And now they're running through the house, and they come in and give you a hug, you know. Why wouldn't you want that? What a great feeling?" Franklin said. 

Phil Franklin of Jeda Homes doesn't make a dime off the St. Jude Dream Home, and as he explained, all materials are donated. The day of the giveaway this year marks the Franklin's 44th wedding anniversary. 

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