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Pokémon GO draws big crowds to Paducah's riverfront

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The latest gaming craze has people like Jordan Delapp on their streets. Pokémon GO is a location-based mobile game where users walk to find, capture, battle and train virtual creatures.

"We're actually being able to go into that video world that we've always dreamed of," Delapp said.

It's that intrigue that brought Delapp and his friends to downtown Paducah to collect Pokémon, which are more frequent at local landmarks."One night I was down here, there's probably even 200 people down here," said Jonathan Vaughan.

He's a riverfront regular. He likes the convenience of having the game at his fingertips.  "To be able to play literally at any time, just get my phone out of my pocket, is different," Vaughan said. 

There's no denying the popularity of Pokemon GO. However, Paducah police say there are risks involved, especially while you are gaming while driving.

"Definitely we don't want anybody driving while they are trying to Pokemon," said Paducah Police Community Resource Officer Gretchen Morgan.  But, it's already happened. In at least one case, police pulled someone over on suspicion of driving drunk. "It ended up they were just looking for their Pokemon," she said.

Delapp plans to keep his feet on the ground while playing and believes Pokémon GO will be a game changer.  "All of the stuff that's going on right now, all the hate in the world, people being able to come together over something over a video game," he said. 

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