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Storm cleanup continues in Metropolis after two weeks

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Almost two weeks after an EF1 tornado and straight line winds hit parts of Metropolis, Illinois, cleanup  efforts continue.

The mayor says cleanup will cost the city $60,000 to $75,000. On top of that, a lot of homeowners are dealing with property damage.

"They didn't know if we had even survived, it looked that bad," said Billie Schneider.

Schneider's home was one of the properties hit hardest on Girard Street, with six trees uprooted and thrown across her yard, and damage to her roof, windows and patio. Still, Schneider says she was lucky.

"People have come to help with the roof, and it's been amazing. God is in control," Schneider said. 

As homeowners like Schneider have been dealing with damages, the city has been picking up trees and fallen branches from streets. The mayor says the situation now is nothing compared to what it was.

"The first night was almost unbelievable of the devastation of the large trees," said Metropolis Mayor Billy McDaniel.

McDaniel says four crews have been working every day since the storms to clear the roads. Expenses for workers' overtime, fuel and wear and tear on equipment are coming out of the city's pocket.  

"In the realm of mother nature, that's just a pittance. That's just a small amount," McDaniel said.

The city's emergency fund will cover the costs. McDaniel and homeowners like Schneider are feeling grateful the damage wasn't worse.

"We are blessed. It's just amazing," Schneider said.

The city is still finding out exactly how many homes were damaged. If you have property damage, you're advised to call the city for a list of tree cutting services to avoid any scams.

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