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Clear the Shelters - Gilly finds forever home

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Life is better with an animal in it.  Animal shelters across the country are teaming up with NBC to find loving homes for pets in need.  The goal is to clear the shelters by finding forever homes for as many animals as possible.

Our Mychaela Bruner shows us how one couple is making a difference, giving this pup a forever home. 

"She has been a crowd favorite, she goes everywhere with us." Rachel Holshouser is talking about her dog, Gilly.

"When she sleeps, she sleeps with her tongue out, it's really funny...She loves to cuddle, loves to have treats, loves being petted, loves going places and meeting new people," said Holshouser.

Her story did not always have a perfect ending though.

"We don't know too much about her back story. They say they found her in a ditch, not sure if she had been hit by a car. Her back legs did not work when they found her," said Holshouser. 

When Chris Cappock and Holshouser saw Gilly - it was a done deal.

"Once we met her we had to bring her home," said Holshouser.

That is when Gilly's road to recovery began.

"When we first picked her up, I was terrified she was going to break in half, I felt like she was made of glass, we figured out she's tougher than what she looks," said Holshouser.

They say she has come a long way in just a few months.

"When we first got her, she seemed to struggle with stairs. She can jump up on the couch now and she couldn't do that when we first got her," said Holshouser.

They say because of Gilly, their life has changed for the better. 

"She has a second chance now and she's making the most of it and so are we," said Cappock.

There will be adoption days held across the country Saturday, July 23rd.

For more information about Clear the Shelters, click here

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