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Two simple tricks for a quick cool down this summer

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If it's hot outside, you can bet it's even hotter inside at the Greer house in Mayfield, Kentucky. The family of eight has no central air.

Sarah, age 8, says it's so hot she feels like she can hardly breath.

"It gets really hot in here," says Sarah. "I get sweaty. We all get sweaty."

Sarah says she's been sleeping on the living room couch with two of her sisters because it's on the first floor, where the family has a window air conditioning unit.

Her dad, Michael, says the girls' bedroom upstairs feels more like a sauna.

"I mean, you can go up there for 10 minutes, and your shirt is going to be soaked," says Michael.

Michael says he's looked into getting central air, but there's no room for it in his family's budget.

"It's just been really expensive," says Michael. "(My wife) works at Remington, so she's about to lose her job come the 29. And I'm fighting disability, so we're kind of limited on resources."

There are two tricks to you can use for a quick cool down.

You can fill a bucket with ice water and dip your feet into it.

You can also put some ice in a sandwich bag and set it on your pulse points like your wrist or neck.

Physician Assistant Jessica Frizzell says it's a technique she uses when a patient has a fever.

"By putting ice packs on those pulse points, blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin, so you can cool the blood in that area and that blood circulates," says Frizzell.

Frizzell says it's important to stay hydrated when it's hot out. She says avoid soft drinks because the sodium in them can make you dehydrated. If you're experiencing clammy skin, headache, nausea and dizziness that lasts more than an hour, Frizzell says to call your doctor.

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