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Local man arrested for Facebook post

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Can a social media post get you arrested? It happened to Willa Letedea of Livingston County, Kentucky.

Police say the Facebook post was a threat against them. In it, Letedea writes, "I will stand up and put a bullet in a cops head if others will join me."

Kentucky State Police arrested and charged Letedea on Tuesday with third degree terroristic threatening, a misdemeanor. It requires a threat that could result in death, serious physical injury or substantial property damage. Livingston County Sheriff Bobby Davidson says Letedea's threat fits under this description.

"It's not for us to sit back and decide if this guy is joking or is this guy serious," says Davidson.

Davidson says when it comes to posts like the one written by Letedea, he's going to take it seriously.

"To hear somebody that has so much hate and so much anger pointed at me, and for what," says Davidson.

Davidson says his deputies put themselves on the line everyday and with police officers being killed across the nation, he says his men are on high alert.

"You feel it," says Davidson. "I mean we are a brotherhood. We are the law."

Here at home, Davidson wants to make an example out of Letedea.

"We did what we had to do and now he's in jail," says Davidson.

Letedea is also facing second degree assault charges for an incident not related to this one. He was out on bond when KSP arrested him on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Letedea appeared in Livingston County Circuit Court where he accused the judge of not respecting his constitutional rights saying, "Instead of trying to be tough in front of this TV camera, maybe you would understand." The judge revoked his bond.

As Letedea was being escorted out of the courtroom, he cursed at the judge.

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