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Clear the Shelters - Marshall County Humane Society

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Your future animal companion may be out there waiting for you. On July 23, shelters all over the country are participating in a campaign to match pets and homes. That includes one Mike Mallory visited recently in Marshall County, Kentucky.

It's one of the neatest and cleanest shelters you'll ever visit.  One reason why, it's also one of the smallest.  18 kennels for dogs, 10 for cats, and a strict admission policy.  This has benefits both the dogs and cats, and the people who are considering adopting them. 

"Being so small, we do get to spend more time with each individual animal instead of having so many in here that you can't spend personal time with them," said Shelter Director Geri Sinnett.

Sinnett says they get to know them, and they pass that information on to prospective owners.  Cindy Hershey on the Board of Directors for the Marshall County Humane Society says it's valuable information.

"You gotta find out about the dog so that you can help them fit into the family because they're not going to fit immediately, you've gotta learn about them. Every dog is different, every breed is different," said Hershey.

One cool thing they've done here, and it's pretty smart, when people are looking at a pup and wondering 'how big is it going to be when it grows up?' Well, they had Marshall County art students come in and paint different silhouettes of the different breeds to give you an idea also the height in inches of what they'll be when they grow up.

There's no county or state funding here. They rely on donations, memberships, fundraisers, and the generosity of the community.

"Just people come in, wanting to donate dog food, cat food, kitten food, paper products," said Sinnett.

Sinnett says every animal leaves there up to date on shots, heartworm, and flea prevention, microchipped, and either spayed or neutered or an agreement in place.

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