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Surprise for Sheri - Beautiful from the inside out

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The Local 6 Today team made one local woman's dreams come true. Let us take you back a bit.  Do you remember this moment?  This is Mychaela Bruner surprising Sheri Jewell back in February.

You will remember Sheri has Neurofibromatosis, a disease that causes tumors to grow all over her body.  Due to medications, Sheri had been without teeth for 20 years.  A local dentist, Dr. William Walden volunteered to give Sheri a smile.

We decided we were not done with Sheri just yet.  We surprised her and gave her the ultimate dream - a makeover, something she has always wanted.

A huge thank you to Jessica Buurman and Tease Salon.  We could not have done this story without your help.  It is really neat to watch the stories, beginning to end - from the first time we met Sheri, up until this makeover.

Part 1: Living with Neurofibromatosis - Hoping for a Smile 

Part 2: Surprise for Sheri 

Part 3: Surprise for Sheri - First Appointment at Paducah Dental Care

Part 4: Surprise for Sheri - 2nd appointment at Paducah Dental Care

Part 5: Surprise for Sheri - The Big Reveal

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