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Keep your AC working properly while lowering energy bills

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Nearly every day, Kent Powel finds himself working in some very hot places.

"Strenuous job, but it's part of the job," says Powel. "We enjoy what we do, and we like making our customers happy."

Powel is a serviceman at Warren Heating & Air. On Friday, he installed a new system to help cool down a home in Paducah. It's just one of the many jobs Powel has been called to this summer.

"A lot of air conditioners breaking down, a lot of repairs and installations," says Powel.

Steve Warren, owner of Warren Heating & Air, says it doesn't matter if your air conditioner is new or old. If you don't take care of it, you're risking a breakdown.

"It's kind of like a car going up hill all the time. It's just hard on it," says Warren.

Warren says check your filter. If you have a cheap one, it should be changed every one to three months. Warren says larger ones can last up to six months, sometimes even a year.

"It's really important, really, really important, to keep that filter clean," says Warren.

Warren says in between services you should be cleaning your AC unit by watering it down with a hose, especially if it's near a dryer vent.

"Makes it run a lot easier and lowers your utility cost and probably lengthen the life of it," says Warren.

You can save even more money if you keep your bushes trimmed. Warren says if your AC unit is surrounded by shrubs, it's using a lot of extra electricity and it'll show in your energy bill.

Local businesses, including Warren Heating & Air, say they're being bombarded with calls about broken air conditioners.

If you need a repair, no matter where you call, there's a good chance you'll be put on a waiting list. Some places, such as Warren Heating & Air and AAA Heating & Air Conditioning, say if it's an emergency, you could be bumped to a priority list.

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