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App of the Day: Facetune

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When it comes to our smartphones, we can almost all agree we're terrible photographers when trying to get a beautiful shot of ourselves. 

Our hair's out of place, shadows emphasize imperfections. Hey, they can't all look as good as this, right?

Say hello to Facetune, a selfie editing app that'll make you look like a supermodel.

Once the selfie is taken, you have options to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes, whiten teeth, get rid of dark circles around the eyes, even re­shape your face.

Move over Kim Kardashian. This is Photoshop without Photoshop.

To make changes, you just swipe over the photo with your finger. It takes a little practice, but if you get carried away and mess it up, you can re­do. And along the way you can quickly compare what you've got now to the original.

Never share an unflattering selfie again, and drive your old friends crazy with how good you look. Just think of how good your Linkedin profile pic will look. You'll certainly make an impression with your Tinder photos.

You'll have to pay for all that vanity. The iPhone and Android version is $4. For the iPad it's $5.

Is it really worth it? Are we really that vain? Yep, probably so.

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