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What the Tech: Lost pets

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Every year more than 7.5 million pets wind up in animal shelters around the country and nearly 3 million of them are euthanized.

But technology may begin turning those numbers around.

Plugged-in animal lovers are helping to find lost dogs.

The Whistle Pet Tracker attaches to the collar and uses GPS and cell towers. Set up a geo­fence "safe zone" and if your pet wanders away from it, Whistle sends a notification to your phone. You can also see their approximate location.

Finding Rover is an app that uses facial recognition to find a lost dog. Take a snapshot of your pooch, line up the eyes and nose and enter your information. Should someone who finds the dog either use the app or takes the dog to a shelter or vet that uses it, Finding Rover will search a massive database of pets, and when a dog matching yours turns up, they'll contact you. 

There are several GPS pet trackers on the market now that can give pet owners an approximation of where their dog is. Those do require a $10 monthly service fee.

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