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DNC prepares for history; local delegates speak about convention

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On the second night of the Democratic National Convention, democrats are hoping for unity as the party nominates the first woman for President for a major political party.

That case for unity didn’t start off that well Monday night. If you watched, you may remember hearing the boos at the start of the convention.

Although the night is historic for the party and a lot of Sanders supporters are disappointed, the delegates I spoke to from our area expect Tuesday to be more united.

24-year-old Bernie delegate, Aaron Bugg from Paducah, told me he wasn’t part of the booing and that he only counted one Bernie delegate in the whole Kentucky group that booed. “From what I saw on the inside it was only a small segment of the Bernie supporters that booed and that number decreased as the night went on.”

I asked Bugg if he was upset that Hillary Clinton will officially become his party’s nominee for President. He’s looking at the glass half full, saying: “I am happy with what we accomplished. I am very happy with the new rules we have in the Democratic Party and the new platform and the start of this movement."

Clinton delegate from Missouri, Rebecca Reed, says things lightened up after the headliner speeches Monday night. 

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